There are 2 ways to make an assessment of the consultants on our system, provided that you have an account and have purchased at least 10 minutes a consultation of the relevant consultant.

Review by phone

has broken so the payment is also stopped at the end of the conversation, you will have the opportunity to make an assessment using the buttons on your phone based on stars of 1 t / m 5. Wait for this to the consultant the connection, pay only for the talk with the counselor. You will hear the message that you can give a rating, press 1, then you can use the buttons 1/5 m add your rating to the consultant. This figure is shown directly in the account of the consultant so that other visitors can also see the review.

Findings from your account

Of course you can also give an assessment from your account, this is done by the list consults you've purchased to see, behind every consultation that lasted longer than 5 minutes you will see the link to "review", when you click on the link you can give a review in the form of stars 1 t / m 5 AND also leave us a message.

You can in this way still add a message a consultation already given an assessment over the phone keys on the review.