The call credits also credit has many advantages, both for you as a customer but also for the consultant.

As a customer you have a clear understanding of the costs and save on additional costs charged for calls to 090x numbers.

Also, you as a client the advantage that you only pay when the consultant has included, this applies only to the credit system Topconsulenten and this sets us back from other providers. So during the explanation of the ringing line and entering your PIN, you pay nothing until the consultant answered the call, the time running and you pay per second.

In advance, you will hear how long you can call the consultant with your balance at that time. And of course, the rate per minute mentioned again, then you will be connected and once the consultant answers the phone starts the payment.


  • cheaper by saving on additional costs 090x
  • only pay after the consultant has recorded!
  • clear inspection cost consultation in account

To talk with credits you need an account, it is very easy to create through social or login using your email address.

After creating an account, you in addition to cheaper calling also have the opportunity to read reviews and to give consultants on our platform.
Now you have an account you can buy easily and quickly credits iDEAL, Mr. Cash or Sofort.
If you are viewing and logging of a consultant page, you can also see directly how long you can call your current credit