Team Topconsulenten strives to offer customers the greatest possible convenience to get in touch with the affiliated consultants. To achieve this, we created a link with Telegram, a native chat application for all popular devices.

What's Telegram?

Besides WhatsApp Telegram is a popular chat app. A disadvantage is that it is not possible to WhatsApp for developers to build useful solutions which can be linked to the application.

Telegram is just perfect for this. The look and feel of these apps are almost the same and very user friendly. Therefore TopConsulenten Team has chosen to pair with the Telegram application.

Telegram and

As a customer, you can use the app to see who is online and available for chat sessions, make the selection of a consultant, chat and once the consultant starts acceptance triggers the payment session, not before.

You can also see through the button "Wallet" how much credit is available in your customer account.

How do you link Telegram to the customer account?

 Navigate with your smartphone to the link page in your account to be directly accessible by the right device!

Linking your account can be found under "chat settings" the possibility of linking the Telegram chat app.

Download Telegram for the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) but also instructions to follow when you clicked "Now link." In addition to the mobile app Telegram is also available through the browser.

How does it work?

Once paired the bot shows the following: