On Topconsulenten you can chat with counselors if you have a customer account.

You can do a chat session via the browser (Internet Explorer or Edge Microsoft, Firefox from Mozilla, Apple Safari or Google Chrome)

There is also the possibility to do a chat via telegram, which is explained in another article.

Below is the explanation to chat in the browser.

On the profile page of the consultant of your choice you can see if a consultant can be reached via chat.

When the visitor is logged in, we direk show the time available to chat based on the wallet balance in your account.

Click the button "Chat Now"

A chat window will open and it is contacted with the consultant

If the consultant has accepted the chat starts the payment, so rather do not cost!
To the right of the chat window displays information about the course of the chat, here you can see how much time there is, and you have the opportunity to end the chat.
After each chat session the session is shown directly in your customer account so you can read it at your convenience.