Benefits at a glance:

  • only pay for actual speaking, you only pay when the consultant has included
  • read reviews and add
  • instant messages sent and received
  • chats quietly read back into your account
  • Transaction Overview deposits
  • download invoices
  • Your account, your data is completely private
  • Bonus Actions (Indein applicable)

Topconsulenten a customer account has many advantages. After logging in to your account, which of course is very easy via Social Login, you can read reviews from other customers, or even give reviews on consultants that you have spoken. If you call the ringing line of Topconsulenten pay after the consultant has included the time before you pay so yet, in contrast to the use of a 0909 service number, since payment will start immediately, so you should pay while listening to the intro and makes the choice. You can also send messages by using an account Chat to consultants, if the consultant is in place and time, he / she can respond immediately. If the consultant is not present, he / she receives a message that was sent an instant message.

Within your account, you also have the opportunity to give some information about yourself, the name (nickname) by which customers want to come out, a profile picture (avatar) etc.

In your account you will find a list of transactions between you and the consultants, download invoices per consultation, there is also a list of payments from you.